Acewell 2853

IMG4605A project bike will almost always be a work in progress. At least if that project is my first bike, my beloved streetfighter. One of the few things I’m not too happy about is the cheap eBay-speedo I got mounted. It came without mounts and although it works, it doesn’t really present the truth when it comes to speed and with no possibility of adjusting the settings I had to do something. So I just got the latest addition in the mail: an Acewell 2853 speedo/tachometer with integrated LEDs. Fortsätt läsa Acewell 2853

Nite Ryderz

IMG4419The same week as I passed the exam and got my license I bought the Honda CBR and formed a club together with my friend who got his license following week. We call ourselves Nite Ryderz and yes, there is a reason for the spelling, and ride under a colorful logo, a tribute to Miami Vice and other 80’s series that we loved, designed by that very same friend. And yes, we do ride at night as we did last night… Fortsätt läsa Nite Ryderz

Autumn ride

IMG_3128It might not come as a surprise to anyone that Sweden is a country with real winters – although some claim that the winters of their youth are long gone. Like me for example – and hence the season for riding is fairly short. After two weeks of rain and miserable wet coldness, it was epic to be able to ride to work this morning. Who would have known that it could be 15 C (that’s 59 F to you Americans) in the end of October…? Fortsätt läsa Autumn ride

Monday blues

IMG_2148Contrasts are great. They make things stick out, they put an edge to our lives by defining it against other things. Without contrasts life would be a pretty dull business. But if there is one contrast I really, really hate it’s the one going from a weekend of riding to sitting in front of my computer at work on a Monday morning. Nothing can put me down faster or awake that fight-or-flight-reaction as  living this ordinary life of nothingness.

Fortsätt läsa Monday blues

The wolfpack

10421600_10152469671875922_9136921280881599596_nRiding as a part of duo is a lot of fun. You antagonize each other  at every streetlight, competing and pushing limits. That has been my riding for the last two years. Every once in a while I’ve partaken in a bigger group but mostly it’s been just me and my buddy. Today that changed when we picked up the bike (GSX 750 Inazuma) my brother just bought. Today my small motorcycle club Nite Ryderz went from two to three active riders. Now we’re a pack. Fortsätt läsa The wolfpack

Dirty dreams

10402457_10152479459793037_8176054410541199151_nA rainy day in the end of October might not sound like the best conditions for some great riding, at least not when that rainy day happens to be in Sweden, but today was a surprise. It started out with a test ride of an old GSX 750 that ended up in the possession of my brother (congratulations to buying your first bike, bro’). It was in decent shape and actually a fun ride, much more fun than I expected. Feeling happy but not having saturated my need for speed, I decided to take my KTM for a ride. Fortsätt läsa Dirty dreams

No limit

10730810_10152461846425922_1438165477758357529_nEveryone knows that buying an old bike and doing all the work yourself is a trap. Sure, you get it cheap and save a lot of money on simple stuff like service and such but unless you’re really good at hardware, you’re in for a treat. For example, let’s say that you have some electrical issues to sort out. A professional might solve that in a few hours while you put 40 hours or more looking at the bike, testing, reading on different sites. That’s a lot of hours… On the other hand, those hours are, at least to me, a way of relaxing and give me far more pleasure than working my day job the same amount of time.  Fortsätt läsa No limit

Review of Scala Rider G9/G9x

67197_10152460021835922_4603229511506469716_nBeing an enthusiastic motorcyclist is expensive. It’s like one, or in my case two, huge money pits have suddenly appeared in the middle of my bank vault which was pretty empty to begin with. Passing the test set me back quite a few bucks, buying the beasts were cheap relatively speaking but still set med back even more. To that comes all the gear, spare parts, custom parts, gas, insurance and so on. The list keeps growing. But there is one investment that I’ve never regretted: My Scala Rider.  Fortsätt läsa Review of Scala Rider G9/G9x

The many phases of a motorcyclist

1525455_10151876066610922_1750601420_n“I will never own a Harley!” I remember how sure I was of this when I  bought my CBR. In my world, Harley was a brand for old bikers on the verge of retirement. The Japanese sport bikes, they were everything I wanted. Fast, sometimes futuristic although I must admit that the -92 I bought was far from that, technological marvels with warp speed capabilities. The inline fours screaming when passing slow going cars were music to my ears, nothing like the thumping of Harleys.  Fortsätt läsa The many phases of a motorcyclist

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