Monday blues

IMG_2148Contrasts are great. They make things stick out, they put an edge to our lives by defining it against other things. Without contrasts life would be a pretty dull business. But if there is one contrast I really, really hate it’s the one going from a weekend of riding to sitting in front of my computer at work on a Monday morning. Nothing can put me down faster or awake that fight-or-flight-reaction as  living this ordinary life of nothingness.

Don’t get me wrong, I like being ordinary in some aspects. I don’t feel special or think that I was destined for great things. But I really hate the feeling of wasting my time by not being out riding. I am never going to be able to live off my riding skills nor do I have that intention, but I just want to feel happy and off my bike those moments are scarce. All I think about is riding and bikes, and the joy it brings me. I know I keep repeating myself here, but if you haven’t tried it you could never understand what it means. As the expression goes: “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”

Today I am expecting to get my Acewell speedometer. I was going to make an unboxing-video but then I realized that the reason I bought the Acewell was that I got a good deal because the box was damaged in an accidental flooding. That kind of ruins the whole unboxing, so I am just going to write a review of the product and maybe, if I feel really up to it, do a write up of the installation process. Presuming I get it to work, but I feel pretty confident. How hard can it be? I’ve installed several meters and done a lot of electrical work on my bikes before. For some reason people tend to think of electrical work as much harder than for example working on their carbs but I disagree. Synchronizing carbs is far more complex than soldering a few strands of copper together and making something power up.