Acewell 2853

IMG4605A project bike will almost always be a work in progress. At least if that project is my first bike, my beloved streetfighter. One of the few things I’m not too happy about is the cheap eBay-speedo I got mounted. It came without mounts and although it works, it doesn’t really present the truth when it comes to speed and with no possibility of adjusting the settings I had to do something. So I just got the latest addition in the mail: an Acewell 2853 speedo/tachometer with integrated LEDs.

Normally I would not put as much money as to buy an original Acewell but I scored this fairly cheap (to be an Acewell) and it came with mounts and stuff. I also, being a little bit lazy at the moment, bought a converter to be able to use my current mechanical speedometer cable instead of having to mount the magnets and sensor. I might do that in another stage or when working on another project but right now I wanted to make the process smoother.

IIMG4606n the box was the speedometer, an extra outer ring in matte black because I’m not sure about the chrome finish, a mount with necessary stuff to reduce vibration I presume, some cables, the sensor (not in the pic) and the converter. All in all it set me back 150 euro which might sound like fortune but really isn’t in Sweden.

I haven’t had the time to test it yet to see if it works but my first impression was that it is a good meter, although maybe a little bit cheaper in look and feel than I expected. Then again, there is the option of paying like a lot extra to get the CNC-fabricated housing instead of the plastic one. The other stuff was as expected. I will probably have to cut the connectors and make other ones to match with my setup on the bike, which I made modular in a certain way the first rebuild, but that’s not an issue.

I ordered the 2853 with an integrated gauge for the fuel level, but not the sensor because at the moment, I’m not too comfortable with welding and fabrication to cut open my existing tank and attach the sensor which, as far as I know, I would have to do.

Conclusion: So far it is more or less what I expected. I will write an installing guide later on and review in depth when I can comment on lighting, response times of the tacho and such.