More tools of the trade

1459302_10152493553165922_3507716442562761505_nEverytime I step into a tool shop of any kind, I get this urge to buy everything in sight. I mean, there is a purpose to every tool and you never know when you will be needing it. Today I constrained myself and bought the bare necessities I need to fabricate the instrument panel/mount/fairing that I’ve been planning to put together next week. After that I will spend long hours with soldering cables…

What I bought was a pair of welding grip pliers since you always are in need of those, even when you’re not welding. Metal shears to cut the sheet metal (I bought a sheet 500x1000x1,2 millimeters), a hard metal tip pen to scratch the shapes into the sheet and some cutting oil. A holesaw set and some drills and I am ready to fabricate. At least I hope I am.

I made some changes to the design too. I’ve decided not to go with a triple light solution and installing turn signals into horns but instead do more of a mount for the Acewell speedometer that extends downwards to protect cables, relays, fuse box and other stuff I’ve just let hanging outside the frame. It will also be a test subject for plastidip or something similar before I try it on everything from rims to the fuel tank. It’s not going to be the prettiest of things but it’s going to work and it’s going to give me that “built, not bought”-feeling that I like so much. I’m not going to hate on those who buy stuff from great designers and builders like Roland Sands, but I won’t deny that there is great pride to be found in making stuff yourself.

Kåpa2Anyways, the design was sketched up in Inventor Fusion which cannot display, as far as I know, a scale to make a printable template so I’ll just use these two pics as reference. One of the problems I’ve encountered is where to attach this to the frame. If I attach it to the already present bracket that supported the original instrument panel it will be fixed and not pivot when turning. So I’ve decided to make some kind of solution to mount it to the top yoke. That way I will get to the movement I am looking for.