Defying the cold

10171760_10152520637975922_5544444769724827837_nLife without riding is a life without meaning. Sounds like a hyperbole but it really isn’t. Just as you recharge a battery, a nice ride charges your soul enough to get you going another day. I had planned to install new handlebar controls but instead I went for a city ride with my pal. And as you know, a day with riding is never a day lost. 

You can tell that the riding season is over for most riders by the way people look at you when you roar by. And today we roared. There was some epic wild riding in the city going on, filtering through traffic and honking at poor sods forced to walk. Even if was fucking freezing, the tarmac was dry so we did not have to worry about slippery spots. It felt great to be back in the seat. I still get that nervous feeling when I don my gear and start the engine but all it takes is a few seconds and then it’s second nature again. My beautiful Beast (the CBR) is an extension of my body and wrestling her around, riding as I please, is pure ecstasy.

We met one other rider, some old guy on a silver beamer who didn’t even respond to the motorcycle salute so he was probably just commuting or some other lame shit. Other than that, we were the only ones out. I like that. Watching the decorations for Christmas that is all over the city, enjoying what little sun that is… It gave me back some of the life I’ve lost the last couple of weeks.

In other words, no wrenching has been done this weekend but a bit of planning of what to do and how to proceed, but there was riding and riding is what heals your soul. As it looks now, the upcoming season will be very short because of other commitments and I’m already regretting that decision. Of course I hope that the other adventure will give me an experience for life, but sacrificing a summer of riding through the world’s most beautiful city, that ain’t an easy sacrifice to make…