Digging into the engine

IMG4835Working on an engine is delicate work. You have to carefully follow the instructions or things can go straight to hell from there. Naturally, I failed to read the instructions properly when it came to removing the caps covering the valves. Apparently there is a certain order to do this and I did pretty much the opposite. It worked anyways.  Fortsätt läsa Digging into the engine

Highsider headlight

IMG4823Being impatient, I immediately went out to get my headlight, a Highsider British Style 7 inch matte black from Bikermart. I was not disappointed. With the bike being in pieces, I haven’t seen it on nor do I have had the time to test the function but it sure looks good. Unlike the previous headlight I used, a China version for half the price and specified for half the wattage, I know this will be a great improved. Fortsätt läsa Highsider headlight

Off my bucket list

framepicYesterday I accomplished, with a bit of help from a friend, one of the things that have been on my bucket list forever: disassembling a bike into its core parts. Yup, I am finally done with it and everything is in pieces. A frame there, a swingarm there, a bracket to the rear brake caliper on a shelf and so on. And man, do I feel proud of myself. Of course I realize that taking it apart is way easier than putting it back together, but it has always been a dream of mine to be able to say that I took a bike apart and then rebuilt it.

Fortsätt läsa Off my bucket list


FrameA couple of more hours in the garage. I got some really nice bar mounts I bought on eBay and they turned out to be perfect for mounting my Acewell speedometer. I also managed to remove the wire harness from the frame, the tail section and some other junk. It’s more or less naked from now on, and I am pushing my imagination to the limit in coming up with a new, cool but functional tail section without having to cut it. Swedish regulations are pretty harsh on those matters… Fortsätt läsa Framework

Paint it black

leversOkay, I might not be the most original builder-wannabe out there. But hey, black is always a good choice. And now I am totally into the idea of powder coating the frame and swingarm satin black. Not flat, not glossy but just a tad of light reflecting off the frame. Add a polished engine to that, maybe a polished exhaust system, a few engine covers painted in copper, a round matte black headlight and I’ll think you’ll have a pretty sleek bike. Fortsätt läsa Paint it black

Dismantling love

dismantlingIt’s been pretty quiet in here the last few days. The reason for this is simple and joyful: I’ve been busy dismantling my baby, my Beast, my CBR600 F2. I’ve never been this deep into the hardware of a bike before. It feels a bit like Star Trek, you know, “To boldly go where no man’s gone before”. Most of all I want to get the engine out for inspection and leave the frame for sandblasting and powder coating. While I’m at it, I might as well clean, inspect and lubricate everything else. Fortsätt läsa Dismantling love

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