Review of NZI Vitesse II helmet

IMG_3133About the first thing you buy when getting your license is a helmet. I went for the classic matte black style to look badass. With a tight budget I decided to go for a NZI Vitesse II which I bought for a reasonable price, around 250 euro if I remember correctly. I’ve used that helmet ever since with the exception for my enduro riding so I have tried it in a wide range of circumstances. 

The Vitesse II has an outer shell of composite fibre and removable inner protection which eases washing. There are four vents, two on top and two on the sides, and a mouth vent to increase ventilation. Other attributes are an built-in sun visor, a quick release fastening device for the chin strap and a pinlock prepared visor.

I have as I stated earlier a lot of miles in this helmet and it is a really comfortable helmet that you can wear for a long time. Although not too heavy, it has a solid feel to it and while the vent covers are plastic, they are still going strong with minimal wear even after two years of abuse. The sun visor is not the best of its kind but it works as a temporary vision enhancement and I often ride with it down and the main visor up to get more air into the helmet that tends to be a bit warm in the summer.

IMG_2111So far, so good, but there are some drawbacks. The ventilation works  okay in higher speeds but when waiting at streetlights you can count on the visor fogging upp almost immediately. It is also a pretty loud helmet, especially when you speed up. Without much experience I cannot say if this is normal in this price range but in the long run it tends to be a bit disturbing. My visor also has a lot of scratches but I can’t really blame that on the helmet.

The strap attached to the chin strap fastening device came off after about a year, and I know others who had their straps come off after a few weeks. The fastening device itself is brilliant and I wish more helmets came with this. It’s easy, even with gloves, to fasten and release the chin strap.

Another problem is that the plastic part sealing the visor to the lower part of the helmet comes off really easy. I’ve glued it back on at the edges several times but it is thin and flimsy and comes off again. That itself does not affect the performance in any way but it feels a bit cheap.

Conclusion: This has been a really good beginner helmet who has survived a lot of riding abuse (no drops though). I’ve ridden on longer tours, many short city rides, taken it through the woods on dirt bikes and it still does its job well. It also has a clean look suitable for most types of riding which is great when you are trying out both riding styles and looks. Being quite cheap, I do feel like I got a lot for my money but as I’m getting more experienced I feel like I’ve outgrown this helmet. I would still recommend it to the newbie fresh out of riding school.