Paint it black

leversOkay, I might not be the most original builder-wannabe out there. But hey, black is always a good choice. And now I am totally into the idea of powder coating the frame and swingarm satin black. Not flat, not glossy but just a tad of light reflecting off the frame. Add a polished engine to that, maybe a polished exhaust system, a few engine covers painted in copper, a round matte black headlight and I’ll think you’ll have a pretty sleek bike.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the non-existent service mindedness that Swedish companies seem to lack in general. At least when it comes to industrial things. Contact forms on their websites won’t get answered, it takes forever when they do answer and more often than not, they don’t seem too interested in actually getting business. Calling them to ask about their services and prices is viewed as a burden instead of an opportunity to do business . Of course there are exceptions but they are few. It’s been apparent now that I’ve been looking for a sandblaster and powder coater, but the same thing goes for many of the motorcycle resellers. At least you can say hi when I enter and ask me if I need any help. And if I’m going to invest 10 000 dollars or more in a bike, I sure as hell want to test it first no matter how convincing you might be. Well, I’ve got news for you: That’s why we turn to the god damn Internet. Because I get more service from companies in the UK, China, US or whatever despite language barriers and being half a world away. Then again, you will never read this because of you did, you wouldn’t belong in this category.

Sometimes I feel there is a niche left when it comes to motorcycle related business: being helpful. “Oh, so you want this part but in black? I’ll see what I can do.” “You need your frame sandblasted? Sure, come in on Wednesday and I’ll sort you out!” Imagine going into a store where someone with knowledge and genuine interest in helping others making the right choices. Wouldn’t that be the store you would go to for gear? Sure would!