Let there be light

AviSay what?! A notice from the Postal Service? It’s not even Christmas yet and I got a present? Oh, wait a minute. This must be… can it really… YES, it is my new headlight that I, MYSELF, ordered as one of the countless gifts I felt that I deserved after a more or less rough year. And just in time for the holidays too, things are really going my way now!

Still surfing on the high of actually taking the step to do a real life impression of an exploded view schematics of my CBR, I feel pretty damn awesome today. I might not feel the same in about a month and half, when riding season is approaching and I am still stuck at getting the engine to run properly but hey, why be mister negative when I can bask in my own glory for a while?

My goal in life, except being filthy rich (won’t happen), see space (probably won’t happen) and have six pack abs (definitely won’t happen) is working with motorbikes in one way or another. Hopefully many ways but one would do. Whenever I think about my future, I see myself wrenching in a small but cosy garage, creating things with patina and history, soulful mechanical beasts with characters of their own. It might happen or it might not; there are many roads to travel when it comes to my passion about bikes.

One thing that I really have to be better at is documenting all the garage progress. I always do stuff and then I remember that I should have put a camera in place, doing cool time-lapse builds of bikes, creating Blitz-like garage videos promoting me as a motorcyclist. Thing is, I don’t look cool doing stuff. I don’t wear cool clothes while wrenching, no gritty tattoos decorate my skin. The inner motorcyclist I feel does not correspond to my looks. Some people look cool the second they get on a bike. I don’t. I’m like god damn caterpillar slowly transforming into this cool looking biker.

Does it matter? In some ways yes! Putting all these money into a raw beast of a machine, I do want to look the part too. Sometimes – very rarely but  sometimes – I can feel that I tap into that free flowing stream of coolness surrounding biker culture. But most of the time I’m just cool on the inside. Time to let that beast out its cage…