Highsider headlight

IMG4823Being impatient, I immediately went out to get my headlight, a Highsider British Style 7 inch matte black from Bikermart. I was not disappointed. With the bike being in pieces, I haven’t seen it on nor do I have had the time to test the function but it sure looks good. Unlike the previous headlight I used, a China version for half the price and specified for half the wattage, I know this will be a great improved.

The headlight is a bit heavy which gives it a solid feel. The glass seems to be glass and not that plastic shite from China. All in all, it looks and feels great, and I like the fact that it has a sidelight integrated. Not that I’ve ever used a sidelight as far as I can remember, but still adds to the look. Now I just have to find some cool-looking black turn signals to match.

This winter is finally here. It’s slippery as hell with temperatures dropping to around zero (not bad though, could be far worse) but no snow at the moment. It’s starting to get to me. Without the option of roaming the streets I feel trapped, body and soul. There is not enough snow to ride enduro in the snow, nor enough ice to ride on studded tires either. Not that I could afford it anyways. That’s an issue when living in the city centre, riding out to some cool track requires one set of tires in the city and another when out there. Unsolvable puzzle (that could be solved by buying a motocross van).

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t wait to get that over with so I can go back to working on my engine and with that I mean split the damn thing and have a look-see. Merry Christmas, readers and friends!