Into the groove

10399994_10152682467165922_2987439187850652172_nThere is no denying that supernatural forces take part in creating a motorcycle. How else could you explain the force used to lock bolts into place but by the hands of giants? This time, they have been wrenching on the alternator, more specifically the flywheel bolt. I can’t get it off but looking at the spec sheet it is within my strength level, hence the conclusion about giants. Or even worse, some fucking moron amongst the previous owners who has used an air tool…  Fortsätt läsa Into the groove

Be cool

Clutch basketWhen wrestling with the big questions in life (“where do I see myself in ten years?”, “To pursue one’s dreams or go for the career” and “How the hell could I raise enough money to buy a KTM 690 Enduro R?”, there is nothing like a bit of wrenching to clear your mind. I believe it is the combination of problem solving, working with your hands and all those chemicals entering your bloodstream, but whatever it is, it works.  Fortsätt läsa Be cool

Working on our love

10422970_10152676378095922_5634887182110519395_nThe thing about motorcycles is that they don’t fix themselves while you do other things. You have to actively pursue wrenching in order to get somewhere. This requires a certain amount of willpower and dedication and as such is a measure not only of competence but of character as well. This was just a fancy way of saying that I had to force myself to get back to wrenching but it was quite fun as soon as I had motor oil all over my hands again.  Fortsätt läsa Working on our love

Let the wrenching commence

partsThe urge to buy a new bike (new to me that is) has become almost irresistible. Or rather, the urge to go on an epic journey has returned with a vengeance. To accomplish that I need something that can travel on and off the beaten track. Like a KTM 690 Enduro for example. But when life holds you back, it’s time to go into wrenching mode. With the parts I got today I am ready to make some progress.  Fortsätt läsa Let the wrenching commence

First look: John Doe Kevlar Jeans

IMG4963While my engine disassembly and, later on, assembly, is going slow, like really slow, I’ve spent a few days at a motorcycle expo in Stockholm although I worked in a different section not connected to motorcycles at all. Not only did I see a lot of new bikes but I also did what I promised myself a long time ago: I bought a pair of kevlar jeans. Fortsätt läsa First look: John Doe Kevlar Jeans

To ride is to lose oneself

Before motorbikes came into my life I had many interests. I tried my hand at writing and I don’t mean professionally because that was and still is my profession, but I wrote on several novels that never saw the light. I tried to learn programming, I dabbled in the art of making LEDs blink with an Arduino, I went down to the range to shoot once in a while, was heavy into martial arts and self defense and the list goes on. Then came my Honda… Fortsätt läsa To ride is to lose oneself

Dirty heads

engineThe new year is here and it has been a great start. Together with a friend, an impact driver and some force we managed to crack open the cylinder head bolts. It wasn’t easy but we did it so we could finally remove that part of the engine to have a look underneath. It was dirty. Like really dirty. I don’t know if the piston heads are supposed to look like that but they looked dirty.  Fortsätt läsa Dirty heads