Moving forward

10386262_10152655519780922_8435977094261164948_nSure, the project isn’t moving at half the speed I imagined it would do, but then again, no matter how much you try to deny it, there are other things in life that need a bit of love and attention too. At least when some of those things are about providing for oneself and searching for long-lasting happiness. 

This weekend, all I did was showing off my mad skills in breaking nuts and, me being the impatient guy I am, taking out the the clutch plates just because I could. I did not inspect them, nor did I do anything else with them, I just removed them because I felt the need to do something. Sometimes progress comes in small steps and sometimes it does great leaps. This was the former, but it was enough for this weekend.

Without having finished my Honda (and I’m not even sure I can do that), I’ve began thinking about another project. Maybe a 250 or perhaps a 400 cc. Something light, agile, with not too much power but just enough to let me go full on. With my CBR, a race bike in its original state, I haven’t really pushed it far. I mean, I’ve never even redlined it, nor could I since I removed the instrument cluster. To be honest, it has too much power which sometimes is great but most of the time forces me to hold back.

I’m not going to do that though. First I’ll get my Beast back in fighting order, then it’s time to do something about the KTM. I will most likely sell it and reinvest the money in a KTM 690 Enduro R to get me longer service intervals, and a bike that fits my interests better: riding in the city and offroad but no hard enduro.