First look: John Doe Kevlar Jeans

IMG4963While my engine disassembly and, later on, assembly, is going slow, like really slow, I’ve spent a few days at a motorcycle expo in Stockholm although I worked in a different section not connected to motorcycles at all. Not only did I see a lot of new bikes but I also did what I promised myself a long time ago: I bought a pair of kevlar jeans.

I’ve been looking for a pair for a long time but it is hard to find good-looking ones. They either look like shapeless, thick sweatpants or if they look like regular jeans, only come with kevlar reinforcements and not full lining. The few pairs that look good and have a full kevlar lining (or similar, I’m not that picky) have been really, really expensive.

This motorcycle show was no different. Eventually, I managed to find a pair from John Doe that was decent looking, had full kevlar lining and was affordable. They set me back 2 400 Swedish crowns which would be around 300 USD I guess. But what are my gorgeous legs really worth? More than that. Best thing is that they come with a lifelong guarantee from the vendor Bike Nord so if I, God forbid, fall, all I have to do is describe the situation and I’ll get a new pair sent to me. Great!

Because it’s winter here and snow and cold and horrible traffic and I have a cold and so on, I have only tried them on at home so this will be more of a first look than a proper review. I was told that they are quite water resistant but not water proof of course.

IMG4964The jeans are dark blue in the front but in the back they look more of washed black than blue. I don’t really now how I feel about that but I do think that will be an advantage in the end. I’ve only worn them for a few minutes but I suspect they will be warm, very warm, and since I am a warm person by nature, I will probably sweat a lot. Hopefully the darkish color will hide that if I manage to sweat through the kevlar lining.

IMG4962They are a little bit baggy, pretty soft and comfortable while standing up. The waist is high so I don’t show any ass crack when I fold myself over the tank. The last four inches are not lined so I can adjust the length a little bit if I want. I’ll just fold them up. The fly is a button one which I like on this kind of pants.

IMG4959Another advantage with the jeans is that there are no visible seams where the knee protection pockets are. I don’t like the seams that most other jeans have because I want to be able to walk the city like a normal man and be able to use them to work. The knee protection that I had to buy separately for 99 SEK (12 dollars) a pair are the type that hardens on impact but remain soft and malleable until then. I had some trouble getting them into the pocket because the opening is pretty narrow but when properly inserted they feel okay. Warm and not a perfect fit but better than many others I’ve tried.

In conclusion: I’m really looking forward to wear them while riding to check the heat level, how comfortable they are in a riding position and start to work on that personal worn look that I want.

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