Let the wrenching commence

partsThe urge to buy a new bike (new to me that is) has become almost irresistible. Or rather, the urge to go on an epic journey has returned with a vengeance. To accomplish that I need something that can travel on and off the beaten track. Like a KTM 690 Enduro for example. But when life holds you back, it’s time to go into wrenching mode. With the parts I got today I am ready to make some progress. 

I have been waiting for the spare parts; a pressure plate, locknut, washer and a clutch basket tool, for quite some time. Having ordered them from the United States of Motorcycle Parts and Freedom, they have been in transit and waiting for customs clearance but now they are here, screaming my name.

This means I can continue working on the engine and replace the broken pressure plate. I suspect that I will run into some problem with the alternator, requiring a specialty tool or at least some kind of flywheel puller not currently in my toolbox but I’ll take that road when I get to it. At least I can clean the clutch basket from all the debris I created when grinding away the stuck locknut.

I have to commit to getting the bike back together now. Not only do I  use a lot of space in our crammed garage but I also want to be ready as soon as the snow melts. All the money that I’ve put into new parts like a headlight, speedometer and such needs to be seen, inspected and enjoyed. Besides, I have my new kevlar jeans I would like to try.

All in all, it’s time to get down to business, roll up the sleeves and get some oil and dirt on my hands. And guess what: I am really looking forward to it!