One step forward, a leap backwards

IMG5159My plan for today was putting the engine blocks back together with a sealant. That didn’t happen. At first I didn’t manage to line up the blocks properly with the mainshaft and countershaft in place. It turns out that the small protruding pipe on the bearing of the mainshaft is supposed to be fitted into a pocket in the upper crankcase. I did not understand at first and it took me a while to figure that out.  Fortsätt läsa One step forward, a leap backwards

The war is on

Some of you might have experienced difficulties accessing the blog. I apologize. The last hours this blog has been subjected to a botnet attack, trying to bring it down. Hopefully they won’t manage to do that. This proves to me that there will always be people trying to smother the flame of bikers worldwide. But as long as we ride together, they will never succeed. Being a biker is more than a physical thing, it’s a state of mind.

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul!

The things we do for love

11021066_10152736615915922_8757282167583289037_nIf you really love someone, you are willing to go that extra mile. With that in mind, I got up at 0615 this morning and before you start complaining of how early you get up, I just want to say that for several years I got up at 5.20 every day, so nowadays I deserve to sleep in a little bit. Anyways, I got up early, got my frame and drove to the powder coater.  My baby is finally going to get that semi glossy black structure she always deserved. Fortsätt läsa The things we do for love

The fun is on

10891775_10152735116485922_5725139632470839315_nAnother couple of hours in the man cave and now I’m actually having fun. I went back to square one and reinstalled the mainshaft and countershaft, and this time in the upper block instead of the lower. It made everything much easier when I put the two halves together. I have yet to seal it but the sealant I bought, a blue one, gives me a bad feeling so I will try to find something with more impressive spec and more tolerance to gas and not only oil. Fortsätt läsa The fun is on

Time for progression

IMG5117The last few days I’ve made some progression. All the pistons are cleaned and back in their respective place in the cylinders. It wasn’t easy getting them back, not at all. Getting the piston ring compressor to line up perfectly to get an even pressure enough to let it slide back in is tricky but fortunately I got better at it after the first two. Anyways, they now look almost as good as new. Fortsätt läsa Time for progression

To rebuild or not

IMG5096After having torn down the engine, I face a difficult choice: to rebuild or not. On the one hand one might argue that it would be suitable to rebuild everything since disassembling takes time and money anyways. On the other hand, is it really worth putting more money into a 23 year old  engine that run, as far as I know, great before? Rebuilding would mean a thorough check of everything and an even greater learning experience. Not rebuilding would be quicker, cheaper (like a lot) and still a great learning experience.  Fortsätt läsa To rebuild or not

Great times

11008609_10152714693290922_619125356656180871_nSun shining, just a tad over freezing, dry ground… Of course I had to take the first ride of the season. Not on my Honda, that engine is still split, but my wonderful KTM roared to life although it took some effort. It was amazing to be back behind bars again. Roaming the streets of a city void of motorcycles, we owned the day. Apparently I had missed it more than I cared to confess even to myself, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day. Only 20 kilometres but man, did it do some good to my soul. Fortsätt läsa Great times

Carbon deposits

IMG5037No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, it seems like there is always going to be that one bolt standing between me and doing some really work. I am still struggling with the flywheel bolt to remove the alternator. Breaker bars, impact drivers, WD40… I cannot seem to find the Achilles heel of the bolt. Soon I will fall back on the one thing that worked before: Grinding the damn thing off.

Fortsätt läsa Carbon deposits