Moving forward

IMG5185Another couple of hours spent in the garage. I got the spray paint for the caliper today but decided to press on with the engine instead. Today I managed to get the oil pan back on (with the stuff inside it of course) and mounted the oil pump too.  Oh, and I did some more cleaning. The way this grime clings to the engine is unreal. All I haven’t tried to get it off is voodoo and I don’t intend to try that.

Things are gradually becoming easier, I think. Now it’s more of bolts and nuts to be put back in place in the right order, and that is pretty easy. The only exception is that I have a few bolts left so far and I can’t really recall where to place them. Time will tell, I guess.

I am also a little bit worried since my Haynes, which I followed, showed me to leave some surfaces untouched with sealant while my Clymer said to put it pretty much everywhere between the blocks. Hopefully the Haynes, a newer version, is more up to date. But once again, time will tell.

Tomorrow I hope I can get a few hours in but I doubt that. Getting it back together is kind of urgent so I have been sacrificing some of my working out-nights which isn’t that bad considering that I love to wrench and hate to work out. Still have to do it though, being fit really helps when it’s time to go enduro riding.