Spare parts and time

IMG_3190My CBR-project is once more delayed. Getting parts for a
reasonable amount of money in a reasonable amount of time in this country seems to be nearly impossible. I am looking for two small oil collars to the oil cooler, and I found a Swedish supplier but unfortunately they can’t get their hands on those until the end of April. April. That’s half the season gone

What about that powder coated frame I’ve been waiting for for two and half weeks? Well, it turns out it won’t be finished tomorrow either but rather in the beginning of next week. There’s another weekend of wrenching lost.

Fortunately for me, I have my beautiful KTM 450 EXC, serving as my steed. The last few days have for various reasons not been that great, so today I felt I deserved some much needed therapy so me and my Nite Ryder buddy took a tour. Of course I’m jealous of his KTM 690 Enduro, but for now even mine is an oasis of peace and happiness.

The cool thing about riding an enduro bike in an urban environment is that it still offers a lot that you won’t get from a for example a supersport. Take curbs for example. They can be a pain in the ass but not to a bike designed to eat rocks, logs and other obstacles for breakfast. The somewhat mopedlike look is another advantage. It’s lightweight but the power in a thumper like a 450 makes it good enough to catch up with anything between the streetlights.

The riding position and height of it, together with its agility  allows you to easily filter through traffic and, if the need arises, let’s you escape in manners that no other vehicle can match. There is only one downside to it: Most people, except for other enduro riders and kids, don’t seem that impressed and to be honest, some of the fun is getting attention while raising hell. But I can live with that. As soon as the Honda is done, she’ll be getting the looks and the KTM can do what it does best: Be an incredible ride!

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