Wolfpack riding

IMG5217If riding two is fun, then riding three is even better. A beautiful, but cold, day is not to be wasted so it was time to go enduro riding in the urban jungle. The Nite Ryderz did some exploration today and went to some previously unridden roads in the city. Great fun and it is always nice to get to know your city a little bit better. 

A friend of the Nite Ryderz joined us on his XR600R and of course I had to try it. I was actually impressed with the comfort. It’s not the fastest bike around, especially not in the bottom range, but it picks up speed and is quite stable and comfortable to ride. The owner happens to be a really great rider and the way he can ride that thing… I take off my hat.

Hearing two bikes roaring at, let say a streetlight, is epic. But three bikes chasing each other, waiting side by side at stops, roaming the streets, that’s a completely different beast. Suddenly the cars show you a bit more respect and people around you turn to look at the gang riding past them.

One disturbing thing about todays ride was the sudden death my KTM 450 EXC experienced while riding at one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the city. The other guys rode in front of me when I suddenly lost power. I shifted down but lost power until the engine died. Fortunately I had enough speed to be able to get up the curb and get out of the way. I figured it had to be one of two things. either it wasn’t getting enough fuel (choked line/clogged carb) or it not enough air (how the hell could that happen?). I checked the fuel, it seemed to be enough. Before it died I could inform my buddy of the situation through the Scala Rider so soon after, the other came back. It is always a comfort to have other people helping you out.

After a brief discussion, we switched to reserve and managed to get it started. Needless to say, we went to a gas station and refueled. Thing is, I could only fit in six liters in a tank of nine, which means I had three liters left. Do I really have to switch to reserve after two thirds…? Seems a bit over the top, I think but hey, it does seem to be the most probable cause.

Anyways, we went outside the city centre to a place where there is a bit of dirt and grass to ride around and man, it was great. It’s too bad I live in the middle of everything with great distances to tracks, dirt and grass. I really envy all of you who have the woods just outside the window and can go riding whenever you want without any hassle. Enduro riding might be the best form of riding there is due to technical challenges, the skills needed and the absolute freedom it offers.