My masterpiece

10986981_10152800686770922_4402766200278423776_nYesterday I decided to get my ass of the wagon and really put some effort into it. The results were an assembled engine, except for the pulse, alternator and clutch covers but that’s an easy fix since I removed all traces of gasket material, and the engine installed in the frame. I feel god damn happy about myself right now.

Let me tell you one thing: lifting and moving an engine, and getting the frame in place are two tasks that should conducted by two people. It was quite a challenge to do it on my own but I managed with a lot of blood, sweat and cursing.

11102912_10152800332965922_8682311788647389596_nEven worse was getting the timing just right. As it turns out, I had an aftermarket sprocket on the crankshaft which means I had no timing mark to line up with the timing mark on the pulse cover. Lining up the cam chain sprockets was pretty hard too. I don’t know how many times I did just to find out that I diffed by one cog.

This endeavour to learn more about the workings of a motorcycle has really taught me one thing: I prefer chassi work to engine work. Form before function so to speak. I guess I’ll never become one of those trim experts, switching cams and tweaking stuff to get a few more horsepowers. Not that strange really, I am not a speed addict, but I do like handling and looks.

Having this momentum, I would very much like to continue working on the bike today but my social life is calling and I better heed the call or my wife will kill me. Hopefully I’ll be able to mount the swingarm, finish cleaning the carbs and get the rear dampener, drive train and wheel back in place tomorrow.