The Beast is coming back

11058719_10152812471580922_5253943595284733176_nStep by step my Beast is coming back to life. Yesterday I got the swingarm back on, which wasn’t all that easy considering the extra thickness of the powder coat. I had to sand down some of the distances and really force the different parts of the rear linkage to get them to fit. But with a little help from my friend even that could be achieved.

Today I had the pleasure of assembling the carbs which I, in a fit of stupidity, had decided to dismantle. It took me like nine attempts to get them back together. Every time I thought I was finished, I discovered something that I had forgotten. A spring, a t-coupling, an o-ring… I think I got it right in the end though.

Then I started with the frame. I began by mounting the radiator to get a feeling for the look and then I continued with the steering stem and triple tree. After that it was time for the battery box and the wiring harness. I am going to plan this wiring really good this time because I want to get the fuse box under the seat.

A friend of mine studying to become a mechanical engineer offered to lathe/cut any part I needed to the bike so next week we’ll take a look. I am thinking in the lines of a really cool custom tail light with integrated plate holder. God, I really hope the engine holds it together when spinning her up for the first time. It would be such a nightmare to see oil coming out of the engine in several places, knowing that everything has to be redone…