Light from the side

11129647_10152840485090922_2637179977051488061_nWhat do you do when you buy things and later realize that you might, just might, have been a little bit off track in your thinking? I am not saying it was like that, I’m just saying that my fork mounted brackets intended for my headlight and turn signals only had one mounting hole each. This has been bothering me for some time, but I figured that I would just drill holes into the brackets when it was time. Today I got another idea when I found a set of turn signals I actually intended to use to repair my KTM. 

Using the really cool looking, e-marked mini LED turn signals as bolts, I managed to mount both the headlight and turn signals through the same hole. Genius. Not only did it look way cooler than I thought it would do – I thought it was going to look like some kind of teletubby antenna or something – but it actually works both function- and designwise

Of course this took me a while to figure out and since I’m only spending like an hour and a half each night now, I didn’t get around to do much of the other needed work. Sure, I continued soldering and hooking up the speedometer, and I did manage to fold, press and force the wiring harness inside the frame so I know it will work later on, but other than that, this electrical stuff is rather time consuming, not to mention a brain strain. Well, I just have to suck it up and march on. Spring can hit full force any day now…