The final countdown

11026221_10152856279685922_8016153940351078631_nThings are happening quickly now, or rather, things are starting to show. Almost everything I do now is visual. Not like hooking up two connectors the right way or tweaking a setting of the carbs or polishing up an area just beneath the oil cooler. No, we’re talking major league now. It shows and it makes me proud. 

The session today was a pretty good one. First thing I did was to check the function of the gauge again. It still lights up, the turn signals flash and the indicator light too and so on. Good, that means I actually solved it last time.

The carbs had loosened themselves from the intake ports. I’ve always had a hard time with these carburetors, even after I replaced the old boots. I simply cannot get them to fit properly. It didn’t go perfectly this time either, but I tried slipping the boots of the carbs and letting them sit around the ports of the engine for a while, to adjust to that size. That made them come down a bit better. Not all the way down but enough. I mean, I’ve ridden the bike with the carbs more loose than that before.

IMG_5419With the carbs and manifolds in place, I decided to put the covers of the engine back on. The alternator cover, clutch cover and pulse cover have been on my to-do-list for quite some time now but it has felt a bit scary to do it, like the final step before utter failure or complete success. But it had to be done. The alternator cover and clutch cover were painted and although I did a half ass-job with them, they look pretty cool on the bike. The pulse cover looks the same though.

IMG_5418With all these preparations, it’s now time to put the airbox back, fill her up with oil, adjust the clutch cable, put all the hoses from the radiator, water pump and what not back on, fill her with coolant, get the tank back on and the seat too, roll her out and press the starter button… If she starts and does not leak, I will be proud to ride the most badass bike in town. If not, she’ll be a good looking corpse…