Taking the right turn

10394775_10152966104740922_1407455755062982953_nAs some of you remember, I had the MOT inspection two days after having brought the KTM 690 Enduro home. The night before I struggled with getting all the required lights (turn signals, plate light and so on) and managed to break the rear right turn signal. So I failed the inspection but without any requirement to go back to reinspect the bike after having corrected that problem. Well, I’ve been slacking off on that “correcting the problem”-part but today I finally got around to do it. Fortsätt läsa Taking the right turn

Bad timing

IMG_5599Trying to figure out what’s wrong with a motorcycle is a humbling experience, and there is only one way to beat the system: By following instructions in a methodical manner without any subjective thoughts or preconceived beliefs of right and wrong. Once again I fell from glory because once again I took something for granted. It was my own confidence that brought me down. I now know what the problem with the CBR 600 is: it’s me! Let me explain… Fortsätt läsa Bad timing

Give and you shall receive

BonnevilleWrenching is usually something I do to my bikes (yes, that wording is correct), partly because of my inexperience which means I cannot guarantee a job well done. But today I got the chance of doing something for someone else and it was a great feeling to see another person, albeit a friend, ride off with a smile on his face and a working bike. Fortsätt läsa Give and you shall receive

The green face of envy

11218996_10152953938145922_7610122481535271631_nHaving spoken to a motorcycle mechanic about doing the 10 000 kilometer service on my KTM 690, I am once again reminded of the fact that although motorcycles are for everyone, it helps to have a shitload of money. 600 dollars to change fluids and filter, something I usually do myself, hurts both my wallet and my pride. I just want to ride careless and free. Is that too much to ask for? Fortsätt läsa The green face of envy

The guys next to you

11295623_10152948913510922_8237503729293918436_nNo matter how much I love riding and motorcycles, things are always better when I’m with the guys. The brotherhood. The Nite Ryderz. Through thick and thin we ride, helping each other both on and off the bikes. I have had great rides without them, but with them I’m always having great rides. The things we discuss while filtering through traffic, the views we share, the support you get when your bike fucks with you – they are always there for you. Fortsätt läsa The guys next to you

Tormented souls

IMG_0248I am lucky enough to have a job which is fairly creative and at times even fun, but nowadays it feels like a prison for the soul. Tied to the god damn computer, looking out the window seeing sun and dreaming of being out on or off the road, going somewhere and nowhere at the same time, is pure agony. I mean, it’s not even daydreaming, it’s torture of the third degree. Fortsätt läsa Tormented souls


IMG5564Sometimes I manage to impress myself with my own stupidity. Like how I for example must have forgotten to turn off the heated grips after the last run. That almost ruined yesterday’s run. The battery was completely empty which at first scared me because the complete silence of a bike can mean a lot of things, but having figured out where the problem originated I was relieved. A dead battery is just a dead battery, right? Fortsätt läsa Discharged

From Italy with love

11268135_10155543837595510_1690970763_nNo, I haven’t done a highsider into a tree nor have I sold my bikes and moved to the palace of solitude in Greenland. I have been to Italy, more precisely Bologna, on a business trip covering the Autopromotec automotive exhibition. Let me tell you, these Italians sure do love their motorbikes. And with brands as Moto Guzzi, Ducati and MV Agusta, who wouldn’t? Fortsätt läsa From Italy with love

Neutral no more

13283_10152914453190922_727371732043068279_nI complained about the bike only starting in neutral even with the clutch lever pulled in before. Not only does this pose a problem when the badly mapped engine stalls in the middle of a turn or at a crossroads, more importantly it makes me look like a fool, balancing the bike while trying to find neutral and desperately pushing the button.  Well, that problem is about to be solved… Fortsätt läsa Neutral no more

John Doe kevlar jeans: Review

IMG4962Since January I’ve been using the John Doe Kamikaze kevlar jeans when riding. Sure, it has been that many opportunities to ride but I feel that I have enough experience with the pants to write a more in-depth review of them. The market for kevlar jeans (and similar protective fibres) seem to be growing and I know how hard it can be deciding which ones to buy, especially since they are pretty expensive.  Fortsätt läsa John Doe kevlar jeans: Review

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