Ride or die

13353_10152968507585922_3523615663213656671_nSomedays you just have to ride. You feel it in your bones, like a primal scream wanting to be let out. It might be a general uneasiness, a thing at work, a relationship issue or financial troubles. Whatever it is, you just know that the only cure is an awesome ride. Today wasn’t really one of those days for me, but when you’re in a club and someone needs to ride, you ride! 

This morning started off like all Mondays: filled with anxiety, that feeling of wasting your life on mundane tasks and, of course, heavy rain. Going to work, I thought it was the start of oneof these “two weeks of no sun but a shitload of rain”-periods. There is no mood killer like the Swedish summer to a biker. But some magic power, maybe the combined wishes of all the Swedish bikers, managed to scatter the clouds and even bring out the sun and heat in the evening.

So we rode. Like the devil was behind us, to be honest. Not doing anything especially over the top, but rather playing a nice game of tag in city. Since I have repaired my turn signals and mounted the stock exhaust system, I feel pretty safe from the long arm of the law, and some inspired riding is always good for your soul. Within a few minutes all your worries have disappeared and you’re left with your center in balance, feeling totally in harmony with the world.

Riding and wrenching are like yin and yang. I don’t know if Robert M. Pirsig would agree with me, but as I interpret his epic book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, I see wrenching as the result of a classic view and riding as the result of the romantic view. Wrenching is peaceful in that it promotes function over form, demanding focus and logical thinking without too much emotion. Riding is the complete opposite. You just let go and let emotions come to you while appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. Together they form the unity of motorcycle essence. One cannot exist without the other. Of course you can let somebody else wrench for you but to truly get to the zen of motorcycles, I firmly believe you need both. And the thing is I am really getting there. All I have to do now is to let go of my anger and worries even outside the warm, loving embrace of the motorcycle spirit…