Steady as she goes

IMG_5620From having lived and breathed wrenching to no avail during the winter, I’ve decided to approach it somewhat differently: shorter but more productive sessions. The last evenings have been like that. Short enough to be focused all the way, and still giving me time to do that other stuff some people call life. Today I adjusted the timing, at least I think I did…

IMG_5619There are many variables to keep track of when adjusting timing. Not only are you supposed to line up the pulse generator rotor with the markings on the pulse generator cover while making sure you really are Top Dead Center (TDC) but you are also supposed to put cam chain over the cam sprockets while keeping them aligned with the cylinder head, not mixing up the cams. Then you have to torque the valve covers in a criss cross pattern but only with half a turn each round not to damage the covers, and all this with the engine still in a really tight and closed off frame.

But I think I managed to do it. It looks pretty good this time. Last time, I think I fucked the TDC part up a bit, or maybe I didn’t but now I’m sure I’m right so if it doesn’t work this time, it has to be something else. Next time, I’ll measure all the valve clearances to make sure I’m within spec which should mean I get at least some compression. Without a gap I won’t have any compression at all (so they say).

The weather has suddenly turned from the rainiest May ever in Stockhom (I kid you not) to a nice summer. That means I get asked “Why don’t you take the bike to work?” all the time. Well, first of all, the fucking Honda doesn’t run. It’s hard to push it all those miles to work. Second of all, I don’t really feel like gearing up KTM-style (boots and kevlar, the bike is really really high and I need the protection just to be sure) and fetching the bike for a seven minute ride to work that no matter how much I love riding still only is a commute. Riding to me has to have more meaning, like riding with friends or having all the time in the world to explore and enjoy, not use it as means to get to work in time.

When, or rather IF, I get the CBR to work, I’ll happily commute to work just to be able to ride the fuck off as soon as I clock out, but until then, I won’t really do the “riding on a enduro in the city on worn out cross tires in enduro gear”-seven-minute-commute. Capisce?