One more on the list

11392967_10152986377220922_191101911469745713_nIt’s important to listen to your body. But sometimes you have to tell it to shut up and do what’s best for your soul. And, as everyone who’s ever tried it knows, nothing is better for your soul than riding. Why do you even say that you ride a bike? You “soul a bike”. Yes, I now declare a new verb to have been created in honor of motorcycles everywhere.

This morning I woke up and felt like something the cat had dragged in. I could hardly breathe, my lungs hurt as did my throat, eyes and head. But being the trooper I am, I went up, shredded my pulled pork that had been cooking during the night and went to work where I spent my day suffering.

I had no intention of riding at all but the little voice within grew stronger and stronger so I just had to force myself to the man cave, meet up with the Nite Ryderz and go for a short ride. One of the boys had bought himself a Triumph Daytona on a whim. Cheap too. Of course I had to try it…

As my first bike was Honda CBR 600 F2, I consider myself somewhat of a sport bike rider. Not true. Not true at all. Apparently me having replaced the clipons with a fatbar and risers, and all the time spent on enduro bikes has turned me into anything but a sport bike rider. I felt so uncomfortable slouching over the tank, trying to reach the handles and levers.

Okay, the feeling of a rock solid chassi together with a smooth power curve was quite exhilarating and pretty much as I remember it, but I don’t think I could go back to that riding style again. Being used to standing up, moving around, looking above cars and seeing everything around me, it would be hard to get back to that rigid position.

It was still great to go back to my roots. I think it’s good for you to try out many other bikes not only to get a feel for where you belong in the biker world but also to break that tunnelvision that comes with riding the same bike all the time. You need to feel different throttles, levers, handlebars, positions, clutches and so on. It broadens your horizon and widens your perspective.

I am a tad worried about my own KTM 690 though. It has a sound I really can’t locate. It might be the cam chain, but it could also be a bearing or it could be something completely else. Only three weeks remain before I can have the service done (yup, everyone wants their service down this time of year) but I think I’ll lay low with the riding on this one and make a real effort to get the Honda back on track. Hopefully I’m back on track for the weekend because then it’s going to be wrenching time…