TomTom Bandit and the working instrument display

vlcsnap-2015-06-27-10h26m14s179I just felt I had to bring some proof to the table. Proof that I actually got a working display now. And since I began my testing of the TomTom Bandit action camera, why not combine the two? So far I have only managed to test the camera in low light conditions, like really low light, and on two different settings: 720p/120 fps and 1080p/30 fps.

First of all: don’t worry! I will edit a video showing the different displays and lighting conditions soon. This was just a first look at the recording ability of the camera. And to show of the beautiful and crisp display of mine (yup, bragging rights on that one). It might not look as crisp in the screenshot but it’s taken mid-action from a video so what do you expect?

I used the TomTom Bandit action camera together with the handy GoPro-conversion mount included in the bundle. That way I could use my existing GoPro mount on the helmet. Brilliant solution, and it is appreciated to have that one included. The problem with the mount I use is that no matter how hard I twist the bolt to lock the position of the camera, eventually it will start to droop from vibrations and movement. Especially since the TomTom Bandit is a bit heavier than the GoPro with the weight, although evenly, distributed along the horisontal axis.

As stated in the first look, it’s pretty easy to use the camera, especially when connecting it to the smartphone. For some reason, I have to reconnect it through its wifi every once in a while, it’s like it’s dropping the connection but it might be my crappy phone too.

It’s a bit better than my old GoPro 2 in low-light conditions. Things turn a little bit pixelated at times but then again, it was pretty dark outside yesterday night due to a complete cloud cover. The sound varies from pretty good to horrible. Sometimes it captures the fullness of a good exhaust system, something most cameras won’t do, and sometimes all you can hear are noise.

Without having tested the slow-motion in depth, I feel it’s working pretty well. I am not sure about this but as I’ve understood it, there’s a difference between recording regular video in for example 720p/120 fps and using the 720p/4x slow-motion video although in reality it should be the same. When playing the video in VLC, I had to go down to 25 percent from normal speed to watch the regular 720p/120 fps run smoothly.

Anyways, videos and such are coming up later this weekend.