Drained of energy

988564_10153024581780922_7989210699275503003_nEditing a good comparison video takes a little bit of time, especially when summer struck full force this weekend so I had to spend time with my bike instead of sitting in front of the computer. And with spend time, I mean looking at the damn thing after it died of a crappy battery paired with a badly mapped slipon causing the bike to stall all the time…

When I have the stock exhaust system, the bike rarely stalls but that system weighs  a lot and more importantly, gets really hot which might pose a problem when I put a saddle bag on top, pressing the plastic fairing against it. The slipon naturally sounds better, weighs a lot less and doesn’t get as hot but the stalling part keeps putting me in dangerous situations.

Anyways, after the bike stalled around ten-fifteen times during the first couple of minutes of riding the battery was drained completely. Luckily I had just pulled up outside my house so my fellow Nite Ryder could ride back to the garage, get CTEK charger and we could charge the battery through the window of my apartment.

After having charged it for a while, just as we were about to take off, my friend wanted us to look at the mapping. We’ve never really bothered with the mappings because we’ve mainly ridden carburator bikes but we took a look at the settings and realized my bike was set to “bad quality fuel”, a zero. I changed it to a “5” which according to the all-knowing people of the web means a standard setting. My friend has been riding a “2” (advanced settings) all the time.

Wow. What. A. Difference. I don’t know if it was me, riding a lot more aggressively than I normal do because I was afraid of letting the battery die again, but it fel a lot more responsive and quick than it usually does. Almost like a new bike. At the end of the ride I even tried to let it die by riding on idle in first gear (11 km/h downhill by the way) but it wouldn’t die. Hopefully this new setting makes a difference not only in feeling but in stability as well. No wonder my bike has felt a bit slow compared to my buddy’s bike. We will try out different settings now, that’s for sure.