Lindstrands Lizard, Berglund limited edition: First look

11402999_10153034536650922_3765784577274544415_nWhat a day! First it was “take your bike to work”-day, or at least I rode the bike to work. Great opening. In the evening I did some shopping and got my hands on some Lindstrands gear, more specifically the enduro pants Lindstrand Lizard, Berglund limited edition, and the gloves Lindstrands Flex. I was going for the Comet gloves but opted for the somewhat more expensive Flex due to their palm sliders given the recent turn of events (my hands still hurt from the accident).  After that it was time for some riding and trying out the gear…

As I’ve stated before, I tend to get really hot in my otherwise comfortable John Doe Kamikaze kevlar jeans, so I thought I would try the Lizard pants. They don’t have nearly as good abrasion resistance as the John Doe but since I’m planning to go on some offroad adventures, I would like to have some other type of pants anyways.

Lindstrands1The Lindstrands Lizard Berglund limited edition has a camouflage pattern resembling that of the Swedish Armed Forces and as I have been in the army for some time, not only do I think they look amazing but they gives me that feeling of wearing the uniform, proudly I might add, again. I know some people will look at these and think “oh, what a fucking nerd, wanting to be military and look cool and shit”. Guess what? I am military and I do look cool so get over it.
I bought the knee and hip pads too. The kneepads are tucked into a pocket which is attached to the mesh layer of the pants through Velcro which means you can put them exactly where you need them. To ease the inserting process, and because it’s bloody hot outside, I removed the thin, plastic feeling rain membrane. It comes off easy with zippers on top and at the bottom of each leg.

Lindstrands2Although you have that mesh layer between you and the outer layer, they still feel a little bit synthetic, almost plastic like, to the touch. Not uncomfortable during my first hours of wearing them but maybe in the long run. The same goes for the knee area due to the removable lower leg part of the pants. I will probably never ride in these as shorts so to me having that zipper means more trouble than it’s worth but some might like that feature. The pants don’t need a belt because of the straps adjusting waist size.

When riding I feel they are two things: quite hot although I opened up the vents on the legs (there are a couple of them) but more importantly extremely cool. And as everyone knows (except for the old geezers with the high viz-gear), looking cool is being cool and having fun, a very important part of motorcycling.

Even if they run a bit hot, they are comfortable both standing up and sitting down. Knowing that the kneepads are secure at the exact place I want them is comforting as I remember the kneepad sliding away when I hit the ground the last time. When riding standing with all the vents open, you do get a bit of air in which cools you off.

I am going to get better photos and write a more in-depth review of the pants when they have been thoroughly tested. The same goes for the gloves which I didn’t use today because of the heat. Yes, the heat. A warm and sunny morning turned to a hot and cloudy afternoon but then it turned hot and sunny again and the Nite Ryderz got together for an amazing run.

I still have problems with the bike stalling every once in a while, but I am starting to adjust to that by riding a bit more aggressively which in turn corresponds to the fact that the new mapping is more aggressively in itself. The bike has never felt as strong and powerful as it does right now. Roaming the streets is pure joy now, especially when our jolly band of raiders come together. My buddy and I ride the same type of bike, wear the exact same type of gear and know each others habits inside and out. Spice this up with the presence of my brother and I have the components for a great evening.

My bike at work.

Riding solo isn’t really my cup of tea. Not having anyone to talk to makes me listen to the bike and worry instead. It becomes more of a means of transportation than it is when I’m riding in a pack. My pack that is. In Stockholm, people often meet up on Wednesdays in the city so Nite Ryderz tagged along some other riders for a while despite the fact that they were bearded hipsters on custom bikes. It must be fun to be a big group of friends riding together. One day, our little club has to arrange real ride with a lot of people… Drop me a line if you’re ever in town and interested to be shown some cool places.