TomTom Bandit: Time lapse

19784_10152901547405922_6562901408833575357_nThis weekend  I made a short time lapse using the built-in function of taking one frame in 1080p every second. It turned out okay and naturally I wanted to show you this. Unfortunately Google, who kind of owns Internet, has decided to make the worst god damn apps to iOS, the YouTube app and the YouTube Capture apps. Since it seems nearly impossible to upload a video in true HD-quality, you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the time lapse looks much better when played from the original file…

I used to be pretty tired of seeing all these time lapses although there are many great ones as well on, believe it or not, YouTube and Vimeo. But I’m even more tired of endlessly long motorcycle videos of riding, riding, riding without any editing at all. So maybe this time lapse function will work pretty well. Had I been given a choice I might have wished for a setting of one frame every half second instead of just one (or longer), opting for somewhat smoother ride but I still think it’s a nice feature though.

After having used the TomTom Bandit a little bit more, I am starting to get a feel for it. First a couple of things I don’t like. Number one is the way you connect your camera to your smartphone. You do it by turning on your wifi-router of the TomTom Bandit which DO NOT connect to the internet but is just there to make it possible to set up a local wireless net. Then you have to go to settings in your phone and select the Bandit net, losing internet in the process (if you’re not on 3G/4G phone). I would have preferred if the Bandit could connect to your regular wifi  net for easy access over time, now it kind of drops the connection every once in a while and you have to redo the entire thing.

The second thing I don’t like is the fact that you can’t run the TomTom Bandit editing tool without being connected to the camera. Granted, it has limited options when it comes to editing but I would like to use the shake function on my clips when I’ve transferred them to my device of choice. It’s pretty easy to add music too so please, TomTom, give us a bit more stand alone functionality.

The third thing is that I have to unscrew the battery all the time to charge it in the computer. Without an optional cable, I feel that is going to ruin the threads and everything else in the long run. Give us the cable with the basic package or design some other solution, please.

What I do like is that it feels solid, and although the quality of photo cannot match that of the latest GoPro in my opinion, it does the job properly. It has some kind of internal picture processing going on I believe but I tend to like the colors it brings out.

I also find it fairly easy to operate once you get the hang of it. The buttons are easy enough and the menu is simple but functional. It was really easy to update the camera as well; once connected to your smartphone it downloads the update, you restart the camera and presto: it installs the update.

More impressions will follow and hopefully also videos when Google and YouTube can get their thumbs out of their asses and make it easier to upload high quality videos…