Another test coming up

19228_10152917210493037_3030931799266313770_nThinking of which GPS to get for your bike? So do many people and let me tell you, it’s a jungle out there. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been using my friend’s Garmin Montana, supposedly the best GPS for the offroad adventurer there is. I can’t speak for it’s efficiency in that sense but for the onroad adventurer it does have its flaws. Like finding places for example. For that reason, I’ve decided to test another competitor… Fortsätt läsa Another test coming up

Riding the green wave

VaxholmYet another warm and sunny day despite the oracles claiming clouds and rain, and because of that yet another ride. This time we went to Vaxholm outside Stockholm, a ride that is probably one of the most beautiful ones in the area and in total around ninety kilometer as we rode it. What better way to dissipate that Sunday angst and breathe fire into your soul? Fortsätt läsa Riding the green wave