Vacation work

11694768_10153068740940922_3903584028508944131_nDo you remember the old Honda CBR that I rebuilt during the cold winter months? No? No surprise, I hardly remember her myself, having neglected her for so long with the exception of a few feeble attempts at getting her to run again. It’s time to make a real effort though. I recently got a 34 part set of all o-rings needed for sealing the carbs properly so hopefully I’ll have those leaking carbs fixed in no time. 

Another investment which I hope will pay off in the long run was a really cheap, electrical impact wrench. It will first be used trying to pry out a really stuck and broken bolt on the KTM 690 enduro. Unfortunately I think it’s the whole inset with threads that is loose, spinning within the plastic tank, but with a bit of luck I can strike loose the bolt. I hate this situations, especially since it was the previous owner who made this superbad contraption but with the addition of the impact wrench to the toolbox, at least I have another way of solving these problems.

Tomorrow I also have to start prepping the bike for the great adventure of the summer: our offroad tour. It means installing the TomTom RIDER 400, soldering the wires to power, getting the homemade pannier (made by the previous owner, credit where credit is due) and maybe even switching battery with the Honda. I’ll order a new battery from the U.K. but it won’t arrive in time anyways.

Getting everything ready for a longer tour isn’t an exact science nor do I have enough experience to know how I want stuff. I guess this first longer tour will be a trial-and-error-tour giving me a feeling for how I want stuff when I go on the great adventure of a lifetime. What kind of bags should I have? What do I need to bring toolwise? Will I even enjoy this? The questions are many and the answers are few, but wisdom comes with courage and sometimes you just have to do it!