Adventurizing the KTM 690

Old pic just for ambience.

Is that even a word, adventurizing? Never mind, I like it anyways. To me it signifies the action of making your bike ready for great adventures and that’s what I’ve been doing. I was supposed to clean the carbs of the CBR but then I felt like doing something else instead. Like adventurizing a bike intended for such a purpose but currently not living up to its potential…

PannierWhen I bought the KTM 690 Enduro, it came with a home made setup and rack. As it turns out, they both suck. Maybe not the rack as much as the setup due to a lot of weird solutions, bolts being both broken and rusted stuck and so on. So I tinkered a bit with that and my new impact wrench. Couldn’t loosen the bolt anyways. The option left is to drill that sucker out. I’ll do that some other day because I still managed to get the rack back on in a manner that feels stable enough to last for a trip or two.

GPS-fästeI put the RAM mount on and tomorrow I’ll solder the connections to power the TomTom RIDER 400. A couple of years ago, that would have scared me, but now it’s more of a “okay, I’ve done this like a gazillion times”-feeling. Cut the wires, strip them, solder on female connectors on one end and males on the other, wrap them and wham – you’re done!

BrakeRotorI am a little bit worried of my rear brake running hot, like “entire caliper burns”-hot. I pushed back the piston to see if it were stuck but no, it moves freely as does the brake pads. A few good pumps with the brake pedal and the pads connect to the rotor again. Doesn’t explain why it’s running hot though. Anyways, I’ll just have to stay off the rear brake for a while and let the system adjust itself. You know, hoping some unexplained bike magic will step in and do the work for you.

I also went shopping today, at a Swedish chain called Biltema. A cargo net, an octopus strap and a 60 liter dry bag to fit the tent, sleeping bag and mattress. They were pretty cheap too. If the intended offroad adventure takes place, which it might not due to my constant coughing and crappy weather, I think I’ll be able to bring pretty much what I need in that combined with a backpack which I will let rest behind me on the seat. Then again, I’m not bringing like a camping stove nor too much clothes either since we’re just talking about a few days. I would have liked to bring a gun to hunt but since I don’t own a gun nor land to hunt on, I will just have to buy my food this time…