Never forgotten

11755737_10153081866790922_2412676591770982491_n-2With all this testing, riding and orange Kool-Aid-drinking, it’s easy to think that I’ve forgotten all about my first love. Let me assure you, I haven’t. On the contrary, she is always on my mind although I am a bit too lazy to actually do anything about her. Or have been because lately I’ve actually worked on her a bit. 

First it was the carbs, which I cleaned (again) to the best of my abilities but more importantly, they got a pretty well needed change of seals. That old rubber stuck to some parts like… well… old rubber can stick to parts. Now there are new, healthy green Viton-seals from Litetek pretty much everywhere where it counts (did not do the jets though). The disassembling, cleaning and assembling had to take place in the span of an hour and a half though, due to the fact that my wife was inbound and she hates when I clean stuff at the dining table, which means I’m not really sure I got to every single spot.

11796292_10153087575380922_482491806004973662_nAs everyone knows, carbs not mounted don’t do much for a bike. So yesterday I went to the man cave and put them back. Man, was I off or what? I did a lot of rookie mistakes, like mounting the carbs on the manifolds and putting back the airbox before remembering to install the throttle wires, a procedure that more or less requires no airbox and loose carbs to facilitate the installment. In the end I got everything in place.

Today I will try to find the time to go there and put the tank back on and see if she starts. At this point in both time and life, disappointments have become close friends of mine so I don’t expect anything but at least she will be fully mounted for a while. And if she roars to life, I promise you I will ride her like she was meant to, tearing this city up, roaming the streets like the god of thunder himself!