Tail light swagger

IMG6056The plan was to repair the leaking petcock and work on the new seat. The reality was I did neither. As soon as I entered the man cave I got an idea. Why don’t I work on the tail section of the bike instead? At least get some measurements and start planning before I get to it with the seat fabrication. Well, I didn’t really get to that stage… Fortsätt läsa Tail light swagger

How to make a custom seat – preparations, part 1

IMG6047I suck when it comes to write ups, but I will try to do my best during this process of making a custom seat. Hopefully I can help someone not to make all the mistakes I am about to make. Bear in mind, I have never tried this before and my skills with wood, metal and fabric are about as lame as they come. I will try to compensate that with a lot of cursing, ingenuity, googling and improvising. First part: getting the right material! Fortsätt läsa How to make a custom seat – preparations, part 1

No rest for the wicked

Why can't everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?
Why can’t everything be as easy as installing the Acewell?

With the CBR in decent shape, I’ll keep her on hold for a while and attack my second project: The KTM 690 Enduro -08. As you might remember, she’s been running poorly with flashing error codes indicating either a manifold pressure problem, a throttle position sensor problem or lambda sensor problem. I however suspect it’s the wire harness that keeps bugging me…

Fortsätt läsa No rest for the wicked

The final destination

11953231_10153138444460922_5760857507766135020_nThe journey has come to an end. My Beast, the CBR, passed the MOT inspection today and is now declared fully street legal. I feel happy to the point of being drained of all energy. This has been the goal since I first started tearing everything apart, completely clueless, last December: to pick a bike apart and put it back together in a street legal state. I have achieved that goal now and can check that box of the bucket list.  Fortsätt läsa The final destination

Ain’ters gonna ain’t

11899805_10153129675795922_6028269977882049271_nI’ve decided to let go of the some of the negative energy stockpiled by all the problems with the KTM 690 enduro. Sure, there are some thing I still find really lame, especially the crappy ass answer given by the dealer today, more than two weeks after my initial contact, but I need to focus on positive things instead. Life is better that way… Fortsätt läsa Ain’ters gonna ain’t