Another one bites the dust

11218171_10153097742480922_9170458883943586312_nI seem to have magical hands because everything I touch break and die. Now it is the KTM who has started to act strangely. So strangely that I felt I had to get my hands into her guts and see what’s causing it. She runs smoothly for ten minutes, an hour, whatever but all of sudden she sounds like a machine gun, runs really strange and sometimes dies. Some things point it out to be a glitchy connector or a lambda sensor about to go, other things point me in the direction of me having the worst luck in the world…

A nice run with my merry band of brothers, the Nite Ryderz ended up with me having to ride in short segments, even pushing it the last half a mile to the garage. Let me tell you: it sucks. My option are now either to call the mechanic who did the service 700 kilometers ago, rent a car (would not dare to ride there, it’s like 50 klicks away) and spend all my money, or open it up myself and see if I can locate the problem and fix it for a fragment of that cost. I choose the latter.

Every machine is different which means that looking for a problem or trying to recreate an intermittent one could be hell on wheels. On the other hand, the operation is fairly simple and equal for all bikes (wise words having been learned the hard way). Air, fuel, ignition and there you go. Of course it has to be in the proper proportions but it’s fairly simple. Or it used to be.

This is a FI engine, but not Fucking Insane which comes to mind, thinking of the problems, but fuel injection. It makes it a lot harder. You know how I struggled with the CBR to find the problem? Well, it came down to the basic stuff: Did I have spark? Yes! Air? Yes! Fuel? Well, it’s leaking. And is the engine really drawing any fuel…? Now I’ve found the problem. With this, I have no idea how to adjust anything.

11230214_10153096993095922_1504116152031786671_nMy main method of repairing this bike will be the one of disconnecting and reconnecting everything. At put the stock muffler back on. I am fairly sure that this will take care of the problem as the wire harness is pretty tightly drawn which apparently can cause all kinds of problems. At the same time, I’ll remove the Acerbis extra tanks. I really like that system and they work like a charm, but for the moment I would like to try out the bike in her default state, slim and agile…

The only good things about having to wrench more than ride is that it gives you confidence. Having succeeded in tearing down an engine and putting it back together has given me enough skills, I hope anyways, and more importantly, courage to proceed with whatever. If I can remove it, I can put it back. By applying logic and method, taking mental notes of what I’m doing, what could possibly go wrong…?