Suzuki – not that bad

SuzukiAnother unproductive weekend, at least when it comes to bikes. I am feeling a bit tired after having been ill for a while (bronchitis), so I haven’t really had the urge to wrench. Besides, I’m waiting for parts to finish the Honda so I can enjoy the autumn rides under the red, orange and yellow canopy that is about to enter the stage. 

I took the liberty of taking an evening ride on my brother’s Suzuki. It’s good for the soul to ride someone else’s bike every once in a while. It hones your skills as a rider, makes you appreciate what you have and broadens your horizons as you get more experienced.

It was a great ride. Short but great. I had forgotten how fun it is to ride a street bike in all its glory. Upright position (okay, I’m used to that), so low you can flatfoot it and fast, powerful and stable. All this offroad thinking has kind of fooled to believe that is the only true way of riding but apparently not so.

Now, it can be the season, it can be the fact that this summer sucked or it can be a general desire to express myself but I’ve once again entered my “want to build stuff”-mode rather than the “offroad experience”-mindset. Welding, drilling, lathing… I want to learn it all and build a solid bike that works every time with no flaws. Kickstart, all mechanical, smooth, agile and a lot of torque. I guess I have to start looking for a winter project…