High maintenance

11915112_10153126174910922_1431522467732101043_nThe last days have been hectic, but I’ve solved some problems and feel that I’m on track again, both blogwise and with the KTM. Even with the Honda actually. Don’t call victor before the battle is over, but could this be the sudden turn of events when Lady Luck has finally deemed me worthy of sharing some of her magic…?

As some of you might have noticed, the blog had some unexpected downtime. This was caused by a plugin malfunctioning and even the hosting support had difficulties finding the problem. However, as I was in my debugging mode, I managed to find a line in the code which caused the site to crash and could remove it. Great for me.

Now during this downtime I haven’t exactly been sitting in my living room, playing Far Cry 4 (well, that too but not only that). No, yesterday I did some major fault finding and found a couple of loose nuts which happened to be the ground point as well. Apparently, they had been tightened just enough to look torqued but in reality they weren’t. Tightening these bolts after having cleaned the connectors solved the problem with the neutral flicking in and out of existence.

With all this new current flowing, the starter relay clicked. Good sign. I spent some time on the internet, browsing like a gazillion fora trying to find some advice. Soon enough I was prepared and ready to both check the starter relay and pull the starter motor and test that one too.

As it turns out, I didn’t even have to do that. The last thing I did yesterday was putting the new battery that I bought when the bike died on me during my camping trip in the charger. So when I got to the man cave today, before I tried anything else I pressed the starter button. It turned. Not only did it turn though, it started. It seems like this cheap battery doesn’t produce enough cranking current if not completely charged.

I also went to town on the CBR and adjusted the shift lever to a more comfortable position, topped her up with some more coolant and took a look at glitchy turn signals. The speedometer was readjusted so hopefully she will be ready on Thursday. This would mean I have gone from no working bikes to two street legal bikes in the span of four days. Suddenly life isn’t looking as gloomy. I am almost grateful to the dealer, selling me the KTM with all those faults. Almost. I still feel it was a douche bag thing to do!