Gimme a break, KTM

Photo by Lars Janson. A beautiful sunset, a depressed guy walking his KTM 690 enduro home, cursing the Austrian brand and their inability to show great customer relations skills.
Photo by: Lars Janson

Never take anything for granted. What seems to be in order might actually be a disaster. Like the KTM. I thought I had fixed the problem with the poor running and flashing error codes but no, I just fixed some other problems but not the main one. In the end, I had to push my bike home. Luckily, I learned my lesson a while back and had chosen to stay in the vicinity of the man cave for my first test ride… 

Don’t get me wrong. Some problems that occurred before are now gone. It starts easier than before too, and having mounted the stock pipe it doesn’t sound as bad when it decides to give up on me. I guess that counts for something. But it still flashed that damn error code. Nine annoying flashes. It’s either the throttle position sensor (which I don’t think it is) or the manifold intake pressure sensor.

I just read about a guy describing the exact same symptoms on his KTM 690 Duke. It was apparently bad connectors on some MAP sensor signal line, so I’ll investigate that too. Other suggestions are that the wiring harness has collapsed because of its tight fit in the triple crown area or battery problems. For fuck sake, KTM, releasing this beast into the wild is like fiddling with mutations and then claiming no responsibility when giant squirrels attack.

Having all these problems and setbacks is wearing me down a bit. Have a working bike you don’t use and would like to donate? Send me a mail, I’ll be happy to liberate you as long as it runs. I don’t even care if it’s butt ugly. Function before form at this point…