Ain’ters gonna ain’t

11899805_10153129675795922_6028269977882049271_nI’ve decided to let go of the some of the negative energy stockpiled by all the problems with the KTM 690 enduro. Sure, there are some thing I still find really lame, especially the crappy ass answer given by the dealer today, more than two weeks after my initial contact, but I need to focus on positive things instead. Life is better that way…That being said, I still find the dealer to be a douche bag beyond reason. In his answer he stated two things: this is what you get for buying a used bike (at your dealership apparently, I refuse to believe that all dealers are the same) and that I should focus on the possibilities. That’s what I’m doing now. I’m focusing on the possibility that you are a real asshole and the possibilities I have to inform family and friends not buying from you. Apart from that, I will fix this bike and have fun because that’s what I do: I get knocked on my ass, stand up and fight again. Sure, I don’t win that much but at least I don’t quit.

11880633_10153129700490922_5982984740470735779_nOn the bright side: Tomorrow I have the MOT inspection for the CBR and I do believe she’s ready. Not perfect, as there are some things to improve, for example fabricate side fairings, a nicer tail, reroute some of the wire harness and such but she runs pretty well, brakes are working, she doesn’t leak and she’s got all the lights and stuff. There might be some remarks but hopefully she’ll pass and I will be the king of my own world, having succeeded with something most people never thought I could accomplish. But you see, I ain’t no ain’ter and as such, I ain’t ain’ting. No, I get stuff done.

To adjust  the speedometer, for some reason I had to set the wheel diameter to like 13 inch instead of the 17 I got. Now I am about five kilometers an hour off which is okay. Gives me a bit of margin too. I think I have to rewind the ignition pickup wire too as it doesn’t show the revs properly. On the other hand, I don’t really ride by numbers nowadays. I might have done that in the beginning, but now, after having ridden bikes without fuel indicators, gear indicators, rev counters and whatnot, I’ve grown accustomed to listening and feeling the bike rather than going by numbers.

Anyways, time to get some sleep before the inspection. I really hope no one touches my bike until then. That’s probably the best thing about my projects. They have that kind of look only a wrenching father would love, hehe.