The victory fail

MOTMy bike did not pass the MOT inspection. As expected, I might add. So why do I feel so happy anyways? Because of the way it failed. Sometimes what seems to be a loss is actually a victory (and vice versa). Let me explain this to you…

There are inspectors and then there are inspectors. Last week I got the forgiving, nice kind of inspector. As karma would have it, of course I got the yang to the yin this time. Not that he was rude, he was just being a hardass.

My first problem was the color of the headlight. Granted, it is a bit green bluish but it came with a E-marked bulb from England so I might replace it to fit in better in the Swedish traffic. Next was the brake light which he felt was visible but for my own sake should be replaced with something with a greater difference between taillight and brake light. But it passed just like the headlight.

The it was the sound. “Borderline case”, he stated. I didn’t argue since it passed but come on, it has passed the inspection every time since 1992 with this exhaust and most of the times they have tested it for real and not only by guess work.

Then it was the hard part. The powder coaters, who generously powder coated every bolt hole and thread they could discover on the bike, had powder coated the frame number on the steering neck. He couldn’t read it so I had to scrape it off. Let me tell you, it takes time to scrape powder coat off with a rusty old knife… Twenty minutes later I had the number visible though. No complaints after the test ride to my great surprise.

The verdict: failed. I have one month to get it fixed and come back to show that the problem is solved. So why do I feel happy? Because I failed on the flash rate of the turn signals. They were too fast. BOOM! That is probably the easiest thing ever to fix.

11082553_10152799283870922_3327960094646439877_nConclusion: I took a bike apart and put it together and the only things I didn’t got right were the turn signals. THAT. FEELS. AWESOME. I am now riding a bike I have done pretty much everything to except for reseating valves and stuff. I have gained so much confidence by doing this. I know there are a lot of people who didn’t think I would succeed, that I would be stranded with a split engine and nothing else to show. There were times when I was about to believe that myself. But I didn’t quit. I fought, I read, I tried, I failed and eventually I did it! By myself (with some extra hands from friends occasionally). So forgive me if I’m riding the high now, both literally and figuratively speaking, but tonight I think I deserve some peace of mind.