Quality time in the man cave

Istreetfightern spite of the weather being awesome, I decided to make myself useful in the motorcycle context and went to the man cave to fix those turn signals. It was a piece of cake so I decided to proceed with some other stuff while I was at it…

The flash relay I bought yesterday came with a Honda specific plug but with the ground wire outside the plug (in other words, there were only two pins in a three pin connector). I guess the idea is to solder or crimp whatever connector you want or just ground it to the frame as it is, but since I had a few of these flat pins used in the plastic connectors since I last worked on the wiring, I decided to solder one of these to the green ground wire. That made installation extremely easy, just plug and play. Worked like a charm too!

See the flashing here!

While I was at it, I replaced the bulb of the headlight with the old one, because the latter has a warm white light rather than the green bluish the former has. To be honest, it looks better too. Two things down in a few minutes.

Then I decided to take a look at the petcock of the brushed metal tank. I really want to slap that on, but the petcock is leaking so I opened it up and although everything was in order, the rubber membrane seemed a bit dry and fragile. I will have to order a repair kit, but I still wanted to see how the bike will look like when finished.

I went over the tank with some 600 grit sandpaper just to remove some stains after fuel having been splashed there the last time I had it on, and then wiped some WD40 all over to keep rust away. I have some clear coating but it’s not very resistant to gas and I want that look of a little bit of rust and a lot of history. Now I deserve a beer!