A brake in the daily routine

PaintballWhen life feel about as exciting as a pair of old socks, you have to force yourself to try out new things. That’s what I’ve been doing and the new thing this weekend was paintball. I know, I know, most people have tried but for me it was a first, and it was really fun. Like flashback to military life-fun. And, of course, I’ve done some riding…

ASoloRideDuring one of these rides I first felt one of the front brake calipers gripping the rotor more and more tightly until I couldn’t move. It was locked in position and the caliper was really hot, as was the rotor. I’ve experienced this before but unfortunately I had no tools with me so I decided to give the caliper a few kicks to break it loose and it worked good enough to finish my errands and get back home.

I let out some of the brake fluid and the next run started out a little bit better but soon enough I felt it starting to grip again and the caliper was really hot. This time I was prepared so I drained a little bit of fluid out, sacrificing some of the really good, crisp feeling of the front brakes and loosened the bracket bolts just a little bit to give it a little bit of play. That seemed to do the trick, at least for now. As soon as winter comes for real I’ll go over the calipers again because I am sure it’s some kind of dirt or debris keeping the pistons from sliding back properly.

NiteRydeI should be working on the seat too, but between the brake problems, other stuff like keeping my buff body in shape, and actually riding I haven’t had time nor the energy to get anything done. Besides, why wrench when you still can enjoy a beautiful city? One of the night rides was amazing. Chilly but not too chilly, dark and all the neon lights gave the city its special charm that I really love. Tearing into the brakes could mean I would miss out on these moments I need to get through the mundane tasks of my ordinary life.