Got my mojo back

IMG6247A month and a half… in the digital world that’s like forever. But there are reasons for this. Like the fact that WordPress seems to be a magnet for botnets trying to pick your site apart, or spammers flooding every good thing you try to do with their shit. Then there are personals reasons, like winter, work and preparation for other important aspects of life. But ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Motoguerrero is back!Since this is my first post in a while, let me stick to the technical stuff. Emotions and such can come later, I believe you’re more eager to here about the life of the Beast, my once-upon-a-time-honda-racer…

Well, today I decided I had had enough of moping around at home, not wanting to open that can of feelings motorcycles always bring to the table. So I went to the garage with a purpose: at least do something. And something I did.

IMG6249I started out by removing the stock tank and air box to expose the ignition coil. When installing the Acewell 2853, I used their suggested method of taking the pickup wire and do a few loops about one of the ignition wires to the spark plugs to get a somewhat accurate reading of the tachometer. This hasn’t worked very well so instead I made a small connector to splice the signal from the wiring harness to the ignition coil in order to get it directly to the pickup wire. In fairness it was only a 2-to-1-connector with flat connectors that I cut and soldered but still, it seems to work a lot better.

Then I mounted the metal tank I’ve been thinking of doing for so long. That is a pretty easy thing to do, just boring. However, the end result is pretty awesome I think. The crappy coat job I did on the tank almost adds to the rugged look I’m aiming for.

IMG6248The last thing I did was using some hose clamps to secure the end wraps of the exhaust wraps. Not complicated either, just boring. But I’d rather do it now than have to wrap my self in bandages when one of the comes loose and lock the tire at freeway speed. All in all, it was a pretty solid wrenching day considering it’s been a while since I last gave the Beast some love. I promise I’ll be better at both giving her love and blogging about it from now on!