Cut, chop and grind away

DremelIt finally came. Having ordered the machine a month ago, I had almost lost hope but today it came and I have no more excuses as to why I can’t finish the seat. With this Dremel 3000 I hope to be able to cut out the sheet metal base plate for the skateboard seat. I do believe the wood would have been strong enough but when riding down the road in 80 miles per hour, who wants to take chances…?

I originally ordered a Dremel 3000 with some accessories but because of the constant delivery failures and other problems by the company, they said I could get this instead. According to them, some of the accessories in this “silver set”, like the flexible extender and whatnot are supposed to be an upgrade. Fuck if I know, but hey, I really need to get a move on anyways so I just might go for it.

Not that I’m in a rush. After a really warm (+12 degrees Celsius lately) winter,  the snow finally came yesterday and with it a temperature drop of 15, 20 degrees. No riding for a while that is. But building stuff is fun too and I do hope this genuine Dremel will work much better than the crappy ass copy I’ve been using to this point. Remember, folks, much of the sanding, for example the sanding of the metal tank, has been done by hand just as I used a hack saw to make my plate carrier. With this, I hope I’ll be able to speed up such time consuming chores in the future.

This weekend, if not before, I’ll try to cut out the base plate and shape the skateboard for a better fit. I still have to solve the mounts to the frame, which I would like to weld to the metal base plate instead of just bolting them, but I’m fairly positive that bolting would suffice until I can get my hands on a welder and work something out. The joys of being a wrencher, there are always more things to be done.