Spring break

12524245_10153550058050922_4201803261182491699_nIt’s been way too long since my last confession. I’ve been busy trying to get my life on track and there are some major changes to it. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say that nothing will ever be what it used to be… Let’s put that aside for now and focus on the important thing here: Spring came today and with it the first tour of the year!

Granted, it was a short one. Hardly more than an hour of riding in the urban jungle I call home. First the damn thing refused to start. I tried everything but then I realized I emptied the tank a while back to work on the insides of the bike. So with a bit of gas it started, although it hesitated a bit. I probably need to do that carb synch now, because when cold it has a tendency to stall when I open up the throttle.

I also took the opportunity to clean the right front brake caliper a bit since it started to jam the brake rotor during the last rides. I still think it needs an overhaul which I’ll do soon, but at least I got it to work.

12417548_10153549563725922_8115662432800233972_nSo we headed off, my brother and I. The first few seconds I was nervous, I must admit, but then it all came back to me. It was like flipping a switch in the brain when all my moves, all the rhythm, the feeling of having your body extended to the bike came flooding back. I felt at ease, happy, as if my A-game was showing to the entire world. Even my old habit of dragging the sole of my left feet on the tarmac when turning left was back like it never left.

There are nothing like a good ride and good doesn’t always have to be long. I haven’t really tried the bike with the exhaust wraps on so when it started to smoke a bit, I was a bit worried but it was probably just some of the oil I used to lube up the exhaust pipe after having remove some rust that burned off. Or not, I’ll look into it. Still, riding a bike you worked on as much as I have on the Beast, it’s a fucking awesome feeling riding into the crowds, having them see and hear the raw, naked thing of fury that I, myself, have made.

Soon I’ll finish the damn seat I’ve been “working on” for ages. We have a a few nibblers and metal cutters for testing at work now, so I’ll use them to further shape the bottom pan of the seat and some side fairings. And then, ladies and gentleman, then you watch out: The one and only Motoguerrero is back in town!