Beast of burden

12376679_10153554140895922_4973906960003253565_nThe Beast turned into a Bitch today. I was going for a solo ride, just a couple of miles to check if the brake caliper cleaning was still valid, but instead I had to fix a leaking fuel hose. Those damn hose clamps seems to vibrate out of place when riding…

Fortunately, a leaking fuel hose is far easier to spot and fix than for example a leaking carb due to a bad seal or something. I fixated the hose to the petcock (where the leakage was), tightened it a bit more and hey presto, the bike was ready to go! As ready as she’ll ever be.

I only put in something like 20 kilometers today because it was a bit more chilly than I anticipated, and besides, I was doing a solo run and even though I love riding, riding alone isn’t really my cup of tea. I am used to the constant talking about everything, mostly life, happiness and the variables involved when riding with the rest of the pack. The Nite Ryderz is somewhat of a social club on wheels, I would say.

But hey, twice in two days, that’s gotta count for something, right? If not anything else, it’s a sign of Miss Spring’s arrival and you know what? Tomorrow the weather man has promised +12 C and sun! That means a shitload of riding!