The streak continues

12418078_10153566098720922_8665986094834100854_nThe weather forecast suddenly changed, at least on paper, which made me miss out on a great morning. That of course had to be remedied by a furious ride through the city in the evening. With me I had my best friend and fellow rider on his KTM 690 Enduro. Together we showed the city what Nite Ryderz are all about…

Okay, I exaggerated a little bit. We did not exactly impress that many people I think, but we hade an awesome ride chasing each other through the city in an endless game of cat and mouse. That kind of inspired riding always brings joy to my soul and banishes all the evil lurking around. Like a magic charm.

I do believe I have a small oil leakage around the oil plug, and the left turn signal slips in and out, and I need new bolts for the caliper mounts but otherwise she runs pretty well for an old lady, I must say. I have no problems keeping up with the weaker but lighter and, I believe, more torque-gifted KTM. Together we make an odd couple but the coolest one in town.