The Hornet’s nest

Honda Hornet 900As some of you remember, I bought a used KTM 690 Enduro which caused me nothing but trouble. Well, last summer I decided to get rid of it…Okay, I lost some money on this bike deal which I now consider the cost of learning. Learning that Marin & Fritid in Örebro are hustlers, selling crappy stuff with hidden faults and not taking responsibility for it. But let go of the bitterness. I sold it for a loss but at least I did not hide anything from the guy who bought it, and with a little bit of fixing up he made himself a sweet deal.

As a replacement I bought a 2004 Honda Hornet 900. 110 hp and a really nice bike. Well balanced, agile for it’s size, great brakes and a lot of power – I had a lot of fun on this bike. Being a 2004, I don’t feel that I have to do much to it other than servicing it according to the intervals. I won’t dig into the engine nor any chassis work just yet. This is a bike for riding and having fun. And I actually like the red color. Why does everything have to be matte black…?

My street fighter, the old CBR 600, worked like a charm until the brakes started acting up. I am now, as I have been for eight months, in the process of fixing the right front brake which gets really hot and locks. Going to fix that and while I’m at it, I might to that long overdue carb synch as well. Anyways, Motoguerreros is now up and running and I promise you that updates will be frequent.