The fair but not beautiful

Today I visited the yearly motorcycle exhibition being held in Sweden. As with earlier visits, I am utterly confused and a bit disappointed over the state of the biker scene here.

Let’s talk branding. I mean, come on, working with bikes in a commercial sense ought to be the easiest, and coolest, job in the world. Motorcycles are about lifestyle and freedom, yet there is a complete lack of anything remotely cool at the fair. Sure, there are some new bikes and old ones on display, but most of the time, there is some uncool geezer either not paying any attention to you as a potential customer or not being able to answer your questions without looking it up online.

How hard would it be for any of the bigger brands to whip up a really cool video, contract a few exhibition professionals and make a happening out of it? After all, buying a bike is, at least to me, a major investment and I want the idea to be completely anchored within my cheap ass soul before I put the money on the table. And while I’m at the subject, what’s up with modern motorcycle design?

Sure, this is a matter of opinion, but I feel that even the better looking model – the ones with a retro touch to them which in itself is proof that most modern bike designers lack that thing that made bikes a symbol of freedom back in the days – are soulless. I don’t know if this me being a grumpy older man, or if it’s something lacking when mixing all the new technology with design vaguely reminding of lost time, but I don’t really feel it. And in the few cases I do find a bike appealing to the eye, the specs are usually so lame that I turn around and leave. It’s like walking around a lot filled with transformers, asymmetric eyes and all…

Oh, and don’t get me started on the audience. I am not considering myself as being superior to other bikers in any respect, but I do wonder where all the normal bike interested people are. You have all the gangstah-lookin’ trashy people with neck tattoos, some punk ass attitude and caps indoors mixed up with these old geezers, limping around and buying Harley Davidson branded leather hats. Speed demons in hoodies mixed with leather clad vixens long passed their best before date. Could there at least be a few cool looking people selling me on the dream of riding free…?

And the prices at the fair? About the same as you usually get online. What’s the point of bringing cash and trying to score a find then? No, I do feel the exhibition has a lot to improve.

On the bright side, we got to talk to many travel agencies specializing in motorcycle trips. Expensive and the thought of ending up in a shitty group for twenty days keep me from making a reservation, but then again, ideas are being born. Maybe a Nite Ryder-arranged trip would be a success, eliminating all the awkwardness and uncoolness and delivering the best experience both on and off the bike possible. For the regular guy who rides and wrenches, not the pony tail-bearing, bearded, heavily set guys nor the criminal prospects but cool, normal guys and girls. Just drop a line to if you’re interested…